Expand your living space!

A glass or screen enclosure from J & J is great way to expand your living space! Enhance the enjoyment and usefulness of your deck or patio by protecting it from the rain, sun, and flying insects. You'll use your deck or patio more often, and have a terrific space for entertaining or just relaxing!

Glass and Screen Porch Enclosure

J & J has helped thousands of customers get more space and enjoyment out of their homes by installing glass or screen enclosures. You'll no longer have to worry about it being too sunny or rainy to use your patio or deck. And just imagine enjoying a meal outdoors without flies or mosquitos!

Deluxe Screen Enclosure
Glass and Screen Patio Enclosure
Glass and Screen Porch Enclosure

All glass, all screen, or the ability to switch between the two -- our experienced sales staff can help guide you to the perfect solution for your needs!

Screened-in Deck
Screened-in Patio
Screened Porch Enclosure
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